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All About La Comunidad

SINCE 1982

MAS Comunidad's mission is to improve the lives of people in the villages surrounding Peñasco. Our holistic wellness programs center the expressed needs of the community while recognizing its rich tri-cultural diversity. We facilitate access to services, support opportunities for self development, build partnerships with local and regional entities and legislators, and strategize on ways to support local economic development.

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Penasco Theatre Collective
Reuse Center
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Community Learning Garden

Over the past 40 years MAS Comunidad in its various incarnations has been one of the only non-profits to consistently serve the industrious, colorful and genuine residents, youth and elders of southern Taos County. Our experiences growing, living in and engaging in this vibrant community uniquely positions us to understand and advocate for the needs of all of our clients. Needs expressed to us through our work and the ones we experience as members of this interwoven and resilient community. With many of our clients nestled in the picturesque valleys of Peñasco, Picuris, and the charming surrounding areas, residents have an abundance of natural beauty, however, the rural nature of these breathtaking areas often isolates residents from access to affordable, healthy food, wellness programs, art, performance, creative opportunities for youth and elders, federal and state support programs, recovery services and opportunities for economic advancement. MAS Comunidad has dedicated itself to working to end the disinvestment and disenfranchisement of southern Taos County communities by advocating for the things that will improve the lives of its residents. We are here, putting our best foot forward to impliment positive change and opportunity for our community. We want to see all of Southern Taos County and it's residents, happy, healthy, and thriving so that they may continue to be the stewards and shepards of this valley.

Por La Gente. 

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