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La Jicarita Food Bank

La Jicarita Food Harvest Food Bank coordinates 8 community volunteers who distribute food bi-monthly to  522 community members. 

It is clear that food insecurity is a major issue for many communities. With the advent of COVID-19, this food insecurity level is increasing, and rather dramatically for many families and communities.   Food distribution helps alleviate that stressor.

Program Director 
Alan Siegal 

Combating Community Food Insecurity 

La Jicarita Food Bank Aids In Addressing  Issues Of 

Food Insecurity

The percentage of households that received SNAP benefits in the past 12 months ranged between 18.5% in Chamisal to 34.4% in Picuris Pueblo, compared to 15.9% in Rio Arriba County and 19.4% in Taos County.


40.2% of children under age 18 in PISD  live below the poverty level, which is an alarming statistic. The number of people in PISD with incomes in the past 12 months falling below the poverty level is 23.9%.


Across the region, the 5-year average unemployment rate between 2013 and 2017 was over twice as high in Peñasco (19.1%) and Picuris Pueblo (14.6%) as in the state (7.7%).

In order to transition to a more nutritious and sustainable way to feed the community, MAS is seeking to partner with local farmers to provide fresh food items to food basket recipients. We understand that we come from a farming community that has traditional knowledge and ways of cultivating food that are in harmony with the land we live in. For centuries farmers in the valley have been growing seed crops and saving seeds for future gardens. MAS wants to support the effort and tap into that rich resource so that we won’t have to rely on costly, grant dependant food programs for our sustenance. This is a step towards being more self-reliant and supports the local economy.

Total Cost Covers: 

  • Food purchases from the Food Depot

  • Local farm share fresh food purchases 

  • Development of local seed bank to support renewed local traditional agriculture - seed storage and distribution

Total Asking Cost: $38,494.40

La Jicarita Food Bank Funding And Budget 

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