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The Peñasco

Since 2000 an eclectic collective of artist educators has provided thousands of local and NM youth with unique collaborative circus-based performance and multidisciplinary arts experiences rooted in the ideas that art is a catalyst for change, collaborative creative processes strengthen and build community and storytelling is a key element for cultural survival.


Artistic Director - Rafa Tarín  (Unpaid Position)

Employee - Alessandra Ogren: Program Manager 

Employee - Julia Topete: Circus Theatre Instructor

Employee - Nicole Kowalaski: Circus Theatre Instructor

Penasco Theatre Collective Offers Multidisciplinary Arts and Performance Classes and Workshops, 

 A live performance venue and community space, As well as 

Artist-in-Residence housing and work space for local/regional, national and international artists. 

Their Program Addresses the need for integrated student supports in our community  by providing access to after school resources, activities and supports within the communities

- A  core need in the Four Pillars Based Needs Assessment Matrix,  As identified by New Ventures consulting team, Community Schools Coordinator,

and PISD District Team/PTO.

 It also helps improve quality of life for community  youth by offering

            creative outlets for youth, collaborative processes, physical strength and

    confidence building activities contribute to the overall wellbeing of participants by reducing isolation, providing opportunities for emotional expression and collective play and problem solving.

810 local youth served 

200 community members attended performances

10 residencies

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